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Building God's Family 

As a church we are discovering how we Build God's family, starting by looking at Building God's family on Jesus and looking at what it means to be family together.

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Talks From Summer 2021

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Intentionally Pressing In and Pressing On


We need to press on and press into Christ with fresh passion and love for Christ, people and to see more of His kingdom on the earth.  To do this we need to be anchored in Jesus  - Hebrews 6 v 19 and daily renewed by the Holy Spirit.  We are in a battle and the devil knows that the time is short and unleashes power to divert, set us off course, drain, disillusion and derail us.
2 Corinthians 4 v 16 encourages us not to lose heart and often we can step back when things heat up or are difficult. In the book of Hebrews, the Hebrew Christians were under great persecution, some were thinking of going back to Judaism, and so the writer in chapter 2 v 1 encourages them not to drift away -
We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. (Heb 2 v 1)

Living to Please God


Our series looking at 1 Thessalonians is geared towards how we can Live Lives that Please God. We long to be a people that grow in our love for Jesus and in our love for others.



During 2019 we believe that God has called us to be Intentional. Intentional in our love for Jesus, Intentional in our love for others and Intentional in building for future growth. In this series Intentional we look at how we can embrace the Intentional nature of God.

Such a good good God


The Heart

The Heart

God is looking for a church that is

We are looking at the seven churches in Revelation and relating that to our situation today, ultimately working out what kind of a church God is looking for.

Extra Ordinary Living

Romans 12 in the message talks all about giving your ordinary everyday life to God as an act of true and proper worship. Offering our eating, our sleeping our working, our money, our relationships. This series looks at how we do that in reality.

                     Perspectives On Christmas

In the build up to Christmas we are looking at how the birth of Christ and the events building up to it affect various characters in the text. 

Following in the Footsteps of Jesus

In this series we look at various encounters Jesus had with individuals and circumstances and look at how we can allow Jesus to work through us and in us in the same way in our day.

Other Messages

A selection of messages from key events in the Calendar such as Christmas, Easter, Mother's day etc

Word & Spirit  June to Sept 2017

The aim of the series is to be effective fruitful disciples, who are grounded in God's Word and led by the Holy Spirit

Relationships from Ruth May 2017

Using the examples found in the book of Ruth we will be looking at Godly relationships with God, families,friends and strangers.  Ruth is a short book and it is well worth reading the whole book through to get an overall understanding of the story.


In this series we want explore the whole area of healing and the outworking of it in the church and in everyday life.  At times this series will be challenging and difficult as all areas are looked at and no issue is dodged.

Continuous Work-Out - Phil 2 v 12-13 

The aim of this series is to encourage and equip us for daily Christian living; to help us to apply what we learn as we spend time with God and what we learn from His word in our lives;  enabling us to grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus.

Jesus "I am ..." 17th July to 4th September 2016

In this series we want to show people who Jesus is.  we want to know him better, love him more and see others come to know him.  Who does Jesus say he is?

Growth and Prayer February 2016 to May 2016

We believe at King's Church 2016 is a year of Going for Growth - We will therefore be looking at growth and Prayer over the next months.  Exploring God's heart for Growth and how do we grow.  Of course Growth will not happen unless we pray individually and together and so we will be focussing out attentions again how to grow in the discipline of prayer.

Light, Love and Life - 1 John 22nd May to 3rd July 2016

In John's first letter to the church he emphasises the importance of these amazing truths - God is light, love and life and we should be walking in them.  Jesus to us to let our light shine before men, love one another as I have loved you and he who has the Son has life.  If we are following him we should be portraying these characteristics in our lives.

Walking with God October 2015 to February 2016

As individuals and as a church our walk with God is paramount.  We need to be continuing to listen to Him, obey and move as He directs to see the Kingdom of God advance.  We will be looking at growing in our walk with God and various attributes of our God through some of the Psalms and Isaiah 9.


Beautiful Ladies Conference - Talks from this year and some previous talks

Power of the name of Jesus May to October 2015

Or the full title of the series - Filled with the Spirit and living in the power of the name of Jesus.  Looking at the book of Acts we will see how ordinary people who were open and available to the Holy Spirit and also empowered by Him did incredible and extraordinary works in the name of Jesus; the name that is above all names. We will also be looking on occasion at further of King's Values.

Throwing off Hindrances 18th January to 3rd May 2015

Hebrews Ch 12 :1-2 let us throw off everything that hinders us … and let us run with perseverance.  In this series we are looking at some of the things that hinder us becoming more mature disciples and the truth of who we are in Christ.  We will be exploring hindrances in the area of Approval,Ambition and Appetite.  Dovetailing into the series we will be looking afresh at some of the King's Church Values.  

Parables of the Kingdom 27th July to 26th October 2014

This series looks at the parables Jesus told and how they relate to today and living in the Kingdom of God.  

Worship 4th may to 20th July 2014


God is Spirit and His worshippers must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth - But what does this mean?  We believe that God wants each one of us to choose to passionately worship Him in every aspect of our lives because of who He is.  This series explores the many aspects that we call Worship.

Covenant and Kingdom 2nd Feb to 13th April 2014

This series focusses on Covenant and Kingdom and gaining understanding from the point of view of Relationship and Responsibility.  Covenant God's deep desire to build a relationship with us and Kingdom God's Kingship and what responsibilities that brings to us

Colossians - Kingdom Living

As we seek to grow in greater dependence on the Lord Jesus this series focusses on the letter to the Colossians.  the teaching will focus on the rule and reign of King Jesus in our lives and what this kingdom living actually looks like on a daily basis

Staying Focussed - Judges 21st April to 21st July

Stay focussed and walk in God's ways - this is the emphasis for this next teaching season. In the book of Judges we see how the children of Israel so often followed their own ways instead of God's which led to serious consequences.  However when they cried out to God he raised up leaders, Judges.  We will look at specificf Judges and the life applications we can learn from each of them.

King's Values

A series looking at and communicating the Values of King's Church, we hope that they help others define and understand our specific flavour here at King's and that we will apply them to our lives.

James 23rd Sept to 30th Dec

James is a very practical book and ideal as a follow up to the teaching series on Discipleship.  James urges action rather than just words which is described as outrageous nonesense in the Message Bible.


Discipleship 17th June to 19th August

Jesus said he would build His Church but challenges us to go and make disciples.  This is a short introduction to what it means to be a disciple and how a discipleship culture is what we want to create here at King's Church.  

 Ready to witness because of what Jesus has done for crosseveryone through His death and resurrection 4th March to 10th June

this series aptly takes us through Easter 2012 and beyond focussing initially on the Cross then the resurrection and exploring how these things must cause a response of witness.